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Updated: Apr 9

Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Honolulu

The word ‘Commercial’ refers to something a step ahead of residential. For example, a commercial refrigerator can handle more capacity than a residential one. Similarly, a commercial range cooks better than a residential model. The commercial doesn’t always mean a company or organization; it can be a restaurant, a library, or even a flat. When it comes to commercial cleaning service, it means a cleaning service that can handle large windows, higher ceilings, heavier carpets, and much more.

Here are Experts recommended Top 3 Commercial Cleaning Services in Honolulu. After carefully analyzing the services, we have created a list of the top 3. All of the services mentioned below are capable of handling all kinds of commercial cleaning requirements. Let’s get to know each of them:

Top 3 Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Honolulu

Tina’s Maid - Number # 1 Commercial Cleaning Service in Honolulu

Tina’s maid is one of the best Commercial Cleaning services owned by a family. Mr. Ken and his wife Tina are the cofounders of the company that started back in 2003. They are located in 1531 Dominis St Honolulu, Hawaii. They offer services in the area, including Downtown Honolulu, Hawaiikai, Kaneohe, Kailua, Waimanalo, Ewabeach, Waikele, and Kapolei. The main concern of Tina’s Maid service is the well being of their clients.

They offer a one-stop-shop for all kinds of services including windows, floor, kitchen, bathroom, carpet cleaning services along with move out/in services. They offer vacation rental and maid services too. The service charges are quite reasonable, and service is of high quality and quick. With outstanding new machinery, they clean stuff in less than an hour.

On their company website, they have mentioned that:

“We are committed to treating our customers fairly with the kind of dignity, respect, and appreciation we all value. We believe that if these ideas govern every interaction with our customers, our company and our employees will earn your trust.”

At Tina’s, they hire only the best after screening their skills. After hiring, the staff goes under training. Tina’s maid prefers to hire certified maids with prior experience of cleaning.

Tina’s maid uses all organic best quality cleaning products that do not sacrifice your health. If you need a cleaning service for your restaurant, library, shop, or small business, you can

contact them on their telephone number 808-699-8522. You can also contact them via chat or by filling the contact form on their website.

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Anago Cleaning System - Number # 2 Cleaning Service in Honolulu

Anago Cleaning System is another trusted name for commercial cleaning in Honolulu. Located at 615 Piikoi Street, Suite 2000, Honolulu, they are in the industry since 2007. Anago Cleaning deals in Auto Dealerships, Healthcare, Office, Retail Establishments, Event Venues, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Places of Worship, Restaurants, Government Buildings & Financial Institutions Cleaning.

They are well-equipped to provide cleaning services from 1,000 square feet up to 200,000 square feet. If required urgent commercial cleaning, they can work for seven days per week, day or night. Their services are available in areas including Aiea, Ewa Beach, Haleiwa, Hauula, Hawaii Kai & More. They have affordable service charges. Their motto is to provide personalized service to meet and exceed the client’s cleaning needs.

If you are an eco-friendly business and want to keep the environment safe, then Anago is the best choice. They have a unique ‘Green Cleaning Program’ that uses cleaning products and tools that are eco-friendly and highly effective.

Unlike chemical counterparts, the green products don’t leave behind any unwanted residue or odors. They are as effective as any hard chemical substance cleaning products. Angarano guaranteed that their franchise would never sacrifice the quality of their cleaning services.

Their green products help reduce the ecological footprint and are equally safe for both children and pets. They provide outstanding services without hurting the environment.

To book your appointment, you can call them at (808) 400-9181 or get the estimate by filling out their contact us form on their website.

All-Star Cleaners - Number # 3 Commercial Cleaning Services in Honolulu

All-Star Cleaners Service is new in the business. They started their services back in 2017. Located at Honolulu, HI 96814, they offer electrostatic disinfecting cleaning services. All-Star earn a trusted name in a short period by delivering outstanding customer service, safe cleaning solutions for the client and the environment. They provide services for:

● Janitorial ● Residential Homes ● Apartments ● Commercial Businesses ● Offices

● Senior Assisted Living ● Preschools ● Banks ● Churches ● Restaurants

You can book your appointment by calling at (808) 781-8165, or you can also contact them via their contact form on their website.

Which Commercial Cleaning Service Do We Recommend?

The look of your office building, showroom, waiting area, or shop-floor could have a significant impact on your client and overall business performance. This is something long understood, and if you are looking for commercial cleaning services in Honolulu, then select one from the top three list we have provided above in the article.

We especially recommend Tina’s maid as they are the oldest in the business and offer better rates than the rest of the two services.

Stay clean, and don’t forget to provide your feedback in the comment section below.

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