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Updated: Apr 9

No#1 House Cleaning Company in Honolulu Hawaii is Tina's Maids

House Cleaning in Honolulu is a chore like Mopping floors, scrubbing mold, vacuuming carpets, and mildew out of the bathroom… who does this unwelcoming and thankless jobs?

Worse yet, you just slave away to make your house spotless, then your pet walks in from a mud bath and all your efforts go in vain.

No matter how busy the schedule you have, how tiring house cleaning is, we cannot ignore our home, as this is important for our overall health. So, what to do, how to clean a week-long dirty house, would you take a day off to clean or spoil your weekend?

We would suggest you go for one of the best house cleaning Honolulu, this is the best option though. This option will let you enjoy your weekend. For us, the No#1 house cleaning Company in Honolulu, Hawaii is Tina's Maids; their professional maids will feel your home like theirs.

Let me brief their services in detail. Tina’s Maids - A Service You won’t RESIST Tina's Clean Team consists of professional cleaners who know how to do all the dirty work... you don’t have to do anything, just relax, chill, and enjoy your good time with your loved ones.

Let’s highlight Tina’s Maids’ Unique Selling Propositions... Tina’s Maids believe the motto of providing the best customer service and each and every cleaner practice every time they provide any kind of services (their services are pretty amazing, will explain to you later).

Though giving outclass services is a promise every maid services Honolulu make, but only a few of them actually managed to maintain. Their cleaning hierarchy, right from owners Ken and Tina to all front-line employees, they all are well-committed to provide the best customer services.

The best part of Tina’s Maids is that they are a family business, and that’s the reason they work with a passion, not like other commercial Honolulu cleaning services. The kind of dignity, respect, and appreciation they will show you while offering their services will definitely win your heart; this is how they earn their customers’ trust.

Tina’s Maids cleaning services are…

● Maid services ● Studio Cleaning Services

● Carpet Shampoo Cleaning ● Moveout Cleaning

● Window Cleaning

● Bedroom and Up

● Kitchen Cleaning

● Bathroom Cleaning For detailed services, you have to wait a bit!

Another USP of Tina’s maids is their easy booking process, there’s a calendar to decide the date, the services, and that’s all; as soon the query reached their portals, you will receive a call. You can also call them to book any type of service.

Tina’s Clean is not just ordinary moveout cleaning Honolulu, but, since its inception, Licensed and insured - isn’t another great aspect of Tina. Another specialty of Tina’s Maids is that there’s no need to supply any products, I mean you don’t need to provide any cleaning supplies and equipment. At Tina's Clean, your health is their primary concern.

It means they don’t use dangerous equipment and cleaning supplies that are harmful to humans, pets, and/or precious home accessories. This is another way to earn respect and trust. Another thing that separates Tina's Clean Team from others is the dedication and experience of over 50 years. All the staff at Tina’s goes through a strict hiring process and critical background checks.

To further improve their services, they are also provided a detailed training program before starting their services and every time before stepping in the client’s house. All of their employees are also upstanding members of their communities. Trust is another essential that keeps Tina’s Clients committed; that’s the reason why their clientele reached hundreds.

If people are inviting a professional service in their homes, that means they trust them already. Achieving this level of trust must not be easier, especially when t comes to the residential cleaning service industry, Tina’s Maids left no-stone unturned to maintain honesty, hard work, and perseverance. The efforts of all their widely-spread franchises (located in Canada and the US) made this possible.

So, if you’ve just noticed that your space is dirty and needs occasional cleaning before coming-up holiday or get-together or you just want regular cleaning, book an appointment with Tina’s fr its one-time house cleaning service. You must be wondering, what would be included in their cleaning services?

Here’s a breakdown of house cleaning services that are provided by Tina’s Maids, starting from the standard Tasks...

● Dust window sills, wall hangings, blinds, decorative items, ceiling fans, and furniture.

● Remove all the cobwebs

● General tidying/cleaning

● Floor vacuuming Some Complimentary services would be...

● Empty wastebaskets and place the accumulated trash outside receptacle ● Vacuum room furniture

● Wash window over the sink

● Make beds of all the rooms (depending on the package) There are other services known as Deep Cleaning, which will be charged, like;

● Woodwork wiping, including door frames, baseboards, cabinet exteriors, window sills, and paneling.

● Clean walls

● Clean sliding glass doors, indoor windows, and french doors.

● Clean underneath area rugs

● Clean underneath movable furniture

● Silver Polishing Make sure all the services mentioned above may vary from location to location, these are for those located in Honolulu - contact your nearest branch and get the details.

At Tina's Clean, all the cleaning services are offered, from housekeeping to apartment cleaning, small business cleaning, and house cleaning. Their staff is fully-vetted through a screening process; they are so thorough, consistent, and honest with their work.

Even service offered by Tina’s Maids offers competitive rates compared to other services located in Honolulu. Before saying goodbye, let me tell you some very good reasons to hire a professional cleaning service such as Tina’s Maids.

1. You can spend your weekends, holidays and other off-days with the family of friends - I personally prefer a whole-day sleep.

2. No more thinking to buy chemical cleaning solutions - sometimes they are too harmful to use

3. It’s great when any occasion is coming, you are workaholic, or just have a newborn in the family.

4. Professional cleaners are a blessing if you own a pet. A home is a paradise if clean, so, don’t ruin it just because you don’t have enough time or you don’t know how to clean a house; simply book a cleaning appointment at Tina’s bi-weekly or get their 6-months plan, so that you and your family can live a healthier and happier life.

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