The Most Underrated Companies to Follow in the Move Out Cleaning in Honolulu Industry

Updated: Apr 9

Rated #1 Move Out Cleaning in Honolulu is Tina's Maids 

Moving into or out of a home is exciting but equally hassle and stressful - as  there is so much to do right from packing to decorating, transporting, and  everything in between. One of the biggest pains of moving out is cleaning your  old house and/or a new house to prepare it for sale.    

Moving out or into a new home,

Tina Maid’s Cleaning Service - one of the  top-rated service providers of house cleaning Honolulu, is there to take care of  the mess for you!    

This Home-cleaning offers so many cleaning services, including move-in and  move-out residential cleaning services across Downtown, Honolulu,  Waimanalo, Kaneohe, Hawaiikai, Ewa Beach, Kailua, Waikele, and Kapolei.

The  company does not just simply “clean” your home or apartment, but offers a  trustworthy and well-defined service that pays close attention to all the little  details.    So, are you ready to get to know Tina’s maid closely?    

Let’s get started!   

Tina’s Maids - An Overview of Tina's Clean Team knows how to do all the dirty work in the most-clean and  eco-friendly manner; you can thank Tina’s Maids for doing things that  otherwise you have to do, which might have eaten up all your quality time.    

What would you like to do on the weekend tidy-up your new home or just relax  on your new couch?    

Obviously, who would say NO to deep sound sleep, as our weekdays getting  busier and busier, even to think of cleaning anything make you sick and  irritated. Now, no more thinking about cleaning anything, everything - house, office,  etc..

As Tina’s Maids are right here to do all this long detailed work, you just  relax with your family, spend a few hours with yourself, or simply sleep-in.   

For so many out there, Tina’s Maids is Rated #1 move out cleaning in Honolulu. As far as move-out cleaning service are concerned, here are the details…   

Tina’s Maids - a Moveout cleaning Honolulu Standard Tasks   

● Dust decorative items, window sills, blinds, ceiling fans, wall hangings,  and furniture 

● General tidying 

● Remove cobwebs 

● Vacuum floors 

● Empty wastebaskets and them in outside receptacle  ● Vacuum room furniture 

● Wash window over the sink   

How much does it cost to clean a house before move-out?   

At Tina’s Maid service Honolulu, the charges are very affordable.

With carpet, you will charge $300 and without carpet, the charges would be $285.

These are  starting prices, charges may vary if additional services including Wipe down door frames, woodwork, baseboards, window sills. Cabinet exteriors, paneling, sliding glass doors, interior windows,

Polish silver, french doors, walls, area  rugs, light, movable furniture, will be demanded.    You can use this code "Tina10OFF" and save 10%.   

How to BOOK a move out cleaning schedule at Tina’s maid?

Don’t worry it’s  way simple and easier one could think of...   

1. Go to ​ 

2. Go to More → Book Online 

3. Select any of the two Move-in and Move-out packages - one is with  carpet, and one is without 

4. You will see a very easy and interactive interface    

You must be thinking, why should you choose Tina’s Maids fro your move-out  cleaning than any other Honolulu cleaning service?    

Here’s the answer!   

Tina’s Maids offers…   


1. Tina’s Maids is best at providing customer service; their entire hierarchy  is very kind and courteous, and are always eager to earn the trust and  credibility of their clients. 

2. With over 50 years and counting, Tina’s Maids is under aprons, hiring  trained employees, providing them training (cleaning equipment, techniques, and solutions).

And offers licensed, reliable, thorough, and  consistent services across Oahu.  

3. Tina's Clean has earned its place atop the residential cleaning service  industry, credit goes to their efforts, honesty, hard work, and  perseverance. 

4. Tina’s team includes both males and females, who go though a screening  and interview process so that every employee can make a positive  contribution.  


Services offered by Tina’s Maids    

Other than move-in/out cleaning services, Tina’s Maids also provides a range  of cleaning services including;    

1. Carpet Cleaning​ - Removes year-long dust, grime, human skin flakes,  and other pollutants from the carpet, giving a fresh and new look to your  carpet. 

2. Maid Service​ - There are so many different packages to choose from,  Tina’s Maids are the best in providing flexible maid services. 

3. Floors - ​Tina knows how to remove all the dirt from the mini-sized lines  that fill with dust very quickly.  

4. Bathrooms - ​It includes cleaning of the sink, bathtub, and toilets. 

5. Kitchen ​- With Tina’s Maids, you won’t see dirt on Kitchen cabinets.     

Tina’s Clean does not just “clean” home or apartment, rather offers a  well-defined, trustworthy service, and pays close attention to the little details.

They clean new or old home with this approach to make the moving experience  as worry-free as possible.   

They make sure that every nook and cranny of your house gets cleaned so that  your home looks flawless. So, just pack your bags and get ready to start the  next chapter of your life, and to clean up your current home, ask Tina’s guys;  isn’t the best way to ensure a new beginning?   

How much time does Tina’s Maid take for a move-out cleaning?    

Tina’s Maid services will take 4 hrs and 30 minutes to clean a property.   

Why is it important to clean a house when move-out? 

If you’re planning to move out, book a slot with Tina’s Maids to clean up your  house or apartment.

Either to make your old home just like new - for securing  security deposits or for the new occupants. Cleaning your house is also  important if you are putting it on the market - for that, you will need spotless  pictures of the house.   

But why do I need to hire a professional move-out cleaning service?    

There are a couple of reasons like;   

1. The service will help you clean your old-house better 

2. DIY cleaning always ends up with a loss or damage to anything, and what  if that thing is of your landlord? 

3. Saves your so much time 

4. You won’t forget cleaning - so book Tina’s Maids slot in advance. 

5. professionally cleaning means bringing a smile on your landlord’s face. 

6. Costs you very less, this way, you can divert your time to some other  aspects of moving-out. 

7. Most importantly, you will feel good about moving out.    

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